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Food Allergy for Beginners: Proteins

A Few Introductory Facts Living things, including you and the food you eat, are made up of proteins, fats, sugars (carbohydrates) and minerals. For the most part proteins – not sugars, fats, or minerals- cause food allergies. Proteins are like Lego creations. They are large, complex structures made up of a slew of small, simple units […]

Steroids: Angel or Demon?

Steroids Everywhere If you have suffered with allergies or asthma for any time, you have likely been prescribed a steroid medication of some kind, either as a steroid nasal spray, a steroid inhaler, a steroid eye drop, a steroid cream, or even a steroid tablet or injection. Are all these steroids safe?   Don’t they have […]

Ahwatukee Oak Alley

I attended medical school in New Orleans.  Along with great food, music and the rich culture and history, one of my fondest memories was the magnificent Southern Oak trees. These ancient giants, some dating back to the Civil War, with trunks the size of a Volkswagen beetle, hanging with moss, framed an idyllic image of […]

Arizona Olive Trees: Life Will Find a Way

Reproduction is one of the most powerful forces in nature. In the plant world, this power is on grand display every spring in the form of fantastic flowers and although flowers look and smell nice,  it’s all business for the plant. When plants require the services of insects such as bees to deliver pollen from one […]

“Didn’t We Do This Last Year?”

I am reposting an article that I wrote (almost to the day) a year ago.  At that time we were experiencing an unusually early “spring” allergy season starting in late January.  Well, here we go again. The Ash trees began pollinating two to three weeks earlier than usual again this year and, by the looks […]

Arizona Air Quality: Ozone and Outdoor Exercise

I am discussing air quality in Arizona, particularly as it affects patients with allergies and asthma. Previously, one of the most important pollutants, Ozone was discussed and in this post I will continue with some of the special problems associated with ozone exposure and outdoor exercise. For a number of reasons, athletes are particularly vulnerable […]