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Canyon Ragweed (Ambrosia ambrosioides)

This large plant can grow to 6 feet and is common throughout southwestern Arizona and the southern half of Baja California. It can be found in desert washes, irrigation canals, and road sides. The flower is wind-pollinated and the pollen can cause allergy symptoms in individuals sensitive to other varieties of ragweed. Pollinates: March-June (More)

Mistaken asthma

There is a common saying among doctors that treat asthma: “Not all that wheezes is asthma and not all asthma wheezes”.   This is to remind us to be on the look out for conditions that look like asthma but may not be. One of the most common asthma mimickers is a condition known as vocal […]

When A Little Knowledge Can Be A Dangerous Thing

Food Allergy Blood Tests Many parents are aware of the dangers of food allergies, however food allergy researchers are suggesting that strictly avoiding foods based on the results of an allergy test can make the problem worse. Food allergy is common in young children. Just how common is unclear.  A recent report  in the Journal […]