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Normal Sinus Function The sinuses are cavities within the cheek bones, around the eyes and behind the nose. Although their precise function is not known, it has been suggested that they play an important role in warming, moistening and filtering the air in the nasal cavity, resonating vocalized sound, and keeping the weight of the […]

Vocal Cord Dysfunction

What is vocal cord dysfunction? Vocal cord dysfunction is a condition caused by abnormal movement of the vocal cords. Symptoms of vocal cord dysfunction include: * Shortness of breath * Intermittent hoarseness and/or wheezing * Chronic cough and/or throat clearing * Chest and/or throat tightness * “Just having trouble getting air in.” Unlike asthma, which […]

Mulberry Tree (Morus Alba)

The Mulberry tree (also know as Fruitless Mulberry or White Mulberry)  is often cited in stories  relating how Arizona went from a favored destination for allergy sufferers to one of the worst places to live if you have allergies or asthma.   New Arizona residents moving in from the South and East preferred the stately, large-leaved, shade trees […]

Arizona Ash (Fraxinus velutina)

Arizona Ash is a medium to large deciduous ornamental shade tree used in landscaping throughout Phoenix.   Because of it’s high water requirements, it is infrequently used in desert landscaping and therefore is less common in the newer communities of Ahwatukee, Chandler, and Maricopa, although it can be found frequently in older parts of Ahwatukee, equestrian […]

Taking Your Sinuses to the Desert

Sinusitis in a Desert Environment Living in Phoenix presents unique problems for the sinuses.  The sinuses need a constant flow of mucous to stay healthy.  Individuals who grew up in a humid environment like Chicago, Portland, or Atlanta and then move to Ahwatukee, Chandler, or Maricopa, may suddenly find that the dry climate of their […]

Careless Weed (Amaranthus palmeri)

A type of pigweed, this wind pollinated weed is not native to Arizona. It may be found along road sides, in agricultural area, ditches, and vacant fields in the fall.  It can be found covering open fields in September through November in the Phoenix area if monsoon rains have been frequent. Pollinates: May through November

Russian Thistle (Salsola kali)

Russian Thistle is a common weed throughout the Southwest.  It is not native to Arizona and is found in areas where the natural desert has been disturbed such as vacant fields, roadsides, and agricultural areas.  It is commonly known as Tumbleweed. Like many allergenic weeks, it distributes it’s pollen in the  wind rather than relying on […]

Desert Ragweed (Ambrosia dumosa)

Desert Ragweed is a small shrub (2 ft) found throughout the Sonoran desert.  It is dormant throughout most of the year but comes to life during the spring, particularly if winter rains have been substantial, sprouting leaves and flowers until the heat of summer sets in.  In some areas, depending on rainfall and elevation, Desert […]

Canyon Ragweed (Ambrosia ambrosioides)

This large plant can grow to 6 feet and is common throughout southwestern Arizona and the southern half of Baja California. It can be found in desert washes, irrigation canals, and road sides. The flower is wind-pollinated and the pollen can cause allergy symptoms in individuals sensitive to other varieties of ragweed. Pollinates: March-June (More)